Complete Fitness Programme

Our Complete Fitness Programme consists of:

  • Baseline assessment & questionnaire
  • Tailored 12 week exercise programmes
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Tailored Nutrition Plan
  • 4 weeks of unlimited email support
  • Technical feedback & Support

Exercise Programmes can be customised for men and women, taking into account baseline fitness levels, goals and lifestyle.

Fitness interventions & programmes are carried out by both Drew Griffiths (BSc, MSc) and Ian Crump (BSc, CSCS).

online fitness programme

How Does the Complete Fitness Programme Work?

To begin the intervention, we measure baseline fitness with a questionnaire. There is also a short psychological questionnaire which helps to establish goals, ownership, commitment to the programme and motivation.

We then create a comprehensive exercise programme, based on your goals, baseline fitness and training environment.

We also ask all of our clients to record a food diary for 2 days. We will use the diary and information obtained from the initial questionnaire, to tailor a 5 day diet plan. If required we will also recommend supplements – although we prefer to recommend whole foods whenever possible.

For the following 4 weeks we will invite you to ask as many questions as required in order to help you start the programme and maintain the programme and diet, until it becomes a habit. If possible, you can also video your exercise technique and send it to us, so that we can advise and give feedback where appropriate.

There will also be a weekly catch up via email and a final catchup and overview at the end of the 4 weeks.

It typically takes 4 weeks to establish a habit but if further support is required, an additional month of email support can be purchased for a reduced price.

Just £59.99